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Visitation Slights: How Two Policies Stack the Deck Against D.C. Inmates

By John Kruzel ’14 Washington City Paper WASHINGTON — Early in the morning on Dec. 4, 2012, Andre used a long-nosed revolver to rob a classmate with whom he’d had a long-standing beef. After holding up the victim on 5th Street NW, a few blocks away from Dunbar High School, Andre biked away with a SmarTrip card […]

CUA Campus, ‘Hatechicken’ Headquarters

By John Kruzel ‘14 BROOKLAND – What happens when you take a chicken restaurateur’s controversial  statement — cut into pieces and skinned — season it with gay rights and mayoral politics, then deep fry it on Catholic University’s campus? In a word: #hatechicken. The national flap over Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s recent outspoken opposition to […]

Elation, Agony After Landmark Supreme Court Decision

By John Kruzel ’14 WASHINGTON – Reaction was mixed at the Supreme Court, where justices today voted 5-4 to largely uphold the Obama Administration’s historic healthcare overhaul that includes a mandate requiring nearly every American to possess health insurance lest they face a tax penalty. Bright yellow banners emblazoned with a coiled snake and the […]

Supreme Court Healthcare Reform Ruling (Photos)

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Roger Clemens’ Acquittal (Photos)

Clemens’ Work Ethic, Not Steroids, Responsible for Pitcher’s Prowess, Defense Lawyers Suggest

By John Kruzel ’14 WASHINGTON – A massage therapist who treated Roger Clemens during his career testified that he noticed no acne or change in the pitcher’s body during Clemens’ alleged steroid use. What remained consistent during and after Clemens’ alleged use of performance enhancing drugs, according to the witness, was the pitchers’ relentless work […]