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Facing Death Threats, Beleaguered South African Turns to CUA Law Students, Gains Asylum

By Judith Muñoz ’14 and Tarunpal Dhillon ‘15 Lifted Lamp We met our client, Tanya*, for the first time on December 18, 2013 at the Baltimore Immigration Court. She stood behind a glass door, in a navy blue jumpsuit, handcuffed and shackled. As she told us her story of survival in South Africa, a few points became […]

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More Than a Number: Why CUA Law Ranks Above the Rest

By Michelle Lease ‘14 and Meaghan K. Pedati ‘14 Law schools are judged by two factors: (1) the test scores and GPAs of an incoming class and (2) the practical success of its students. The U.S. News & World Report focuses primarily on the first. CUA Law focuses primarily on the second, accepting and mentoring […]


CUA Law’s Rank Tumbles as Admissions Standards Drop*+

By John Kruzel ’14 BROOKLAND — CUA Law slid 27 spots—from No. 80 to No. 107—on the U.S. News and World Report’s 2015 law school rankings, representing the single largest drop among law schools across the country this year. One reason for the school’s slump was the relaxing of its admissions standards, according to Robert […]

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India’s Gay Rights Movement Hangs in the Balance

By Annie Khan ‘14 When India’s Supreme Court struck down a ban on gay sex in 2009, gay rights advocates celebrated the ruling as an important step in the country’s nascent movement. But the feting proved premature. Last December, India’s high court reinstated the ban, and a month later slapped down an initial appeal. Now […]


CUA Law Sees Third-Biggest Enrollment Drop Nationwide

CUA Law saw the third-largest enrollment drop among law schools over the past three years, the National Jurist reported last week. CUA Law Public Affairs was not immediately available to comment on the report*. In fall 2012, The Redirect interviewed George Garvey, then-acting dean of CUA Law, who discussed how the law school was responding to […]


Time to Change CUA’s Speaker Policy

By Michael Ellement ‘13 CUA President John Garvey and Business School Dean Andrew Abela published an article last week in the Wall Street Journal defending their decision to accept a $1 million donation from a charitable fund run by David and Charles Koch. The decision has been criticized by several Catholic groups, which claim the […]

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“Pimps Smoke Blunts” T-Shirts, “Crime Clothes,” and Other Inappropriate Courtroom Attire

By Justin Peters Slate A couple of months ago, after writing a piece about an arsonist who unwisely wore a “Snitches Get Stitches” T-shirt to his sentencing hearing, I encouraged readers to send me their own stories about inappropriate courtroom attire. I published the first round of those stories in October. Now I’m back with another set of reader-submitted […]


Amnesty Would Cure the Snowden Headache

And a handshake between unclean hands would do wonders for rule of law By John Kruzel ’14 Does it hurt anyone else’s head to think about what to do with Edward Snowden? According to F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the […]


CUA Faces Backlash after Accepting $1 Million from Koch Brothers

By Michelle Boorstein Washington Post Fifty prominent Catholic educators — including deans and department heads of Catholic universities — have signed a letter protesting Catholic University of America’s recent acceptance of a $1 million grant from a foundation affiliated with the billionaire libertarian Koch brothers, saying the gift sends “a confusing message” that the brothers’ […]

Richard Posner. Founder of Law and Economics. Latter-Day Apostate?

Does Law and Economics Destroy Law Students’ Sense of Justice?

By Dave Hoffman Concurring Opinions A draft paper by Raymond Fisman (Columbia Business),  Shachar Kariv (Berkeley Economics) and Daniel Markovits (Yale Law) has gotten surprisingly little attention given its potentially radical implications.  Maybe it’s the title: Exposure to Ideology and Distributional Preferences. I would have gone with something different.  Perhaps “Law and Economics Eats Law Students’ Hearts.” The authors […]


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