CUA Law Faculty Votes Obama with Campaign Donations (Click For Exit Poll)


By John Kruzel ’14 and Braegan Padley ’13

BROOKLAND – CUA Law faculty gave 23 times more to Barack Obama than Mitt Romney during the 2012 election cycle, as political contributions to GOP presidential candidates fell sharply since the 2008 campaign for the White House.

About one in 11 members of the faculty and administration donated to presidential campaigns this season, with $11,596 of the largesse funding Obama’s re-election effort compared to $500 in support of Mitt Romney, according to public records.

In contrast, the 2008 election saw less disparity in presidential political contributions, with CUA Law faculty giving $12,749 to Democratic causes and $6,770 to Republicans.

The donation histories of the 77 faculty and administration members available on the Federal Election Commission’s search tool do not account for contributions by professors’ spouses, donations made prior to electronic record-keeping or anonymous donations. But the aggregate data may provide a window into the political lives of CUA Law professors at large.

While Catholic University has found itself at odds with the Obama Administration over a controversial provision in the president’s healthcare reform law, the distribution of total campaign funding generally reflects research showing that law professors tend to lean left-of-center in their politics, and does not radically depart from the portrait of Catholic politics in the United States.

Total campaign contributions by CUA Law faculty based on data retrieved from the Federal Election Commission website.


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